Our Fabrics

Moving towards a more sustainable future, we focus heavily on natural materials that don’t compromise comfort. We’re forever searching for fabrics that meet our standards, and we know our customers will day and night.

Our commitment to sustainability is more than just picking a natural fibre. Each Gingerlilly garment has a QR code so our customers can track the factory. Partnering with OEKO-TEX, they provide information to ensure our fabrics are tested for toxic chemicals, socially responsible, and safe for the people and our planet. OEKO-TEX has been trusted since 1922 and is the world’s best-known label for textile safety.

Unmatched Silk

100% Mulberry Silk ~ Designed for all bodies, to enhance your inner confidence. Crafted from the highest certified organic 6A graded mulberry silk, our garments and accessories radiate superior luster and offer exceptional health benefits. In perfect harmony, sophistication meets sustainability for a divine experience.

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Recycled Fiber

Dedicated to giving a second life to fabric, Recycled Fiber is a a fully traceable collection that combines beautiful silhouettes and consciously made fabrics.

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Naturally grown, cotton is delicate and fluffy. With its unique versatility, it can be spun into yarn or thread and used to create a soft, breathable texture. Cotton lets your body be cool in the summer and holds warmth in the winter.

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Silky Satin

Dive into Gingerlilly's Silk Satin Collection, where laid-back luxury meets comfort and style. Immerse yourself in the butter-soft silks, as this statement loungewear collection brings a touch of tranquillity to your everyday relaxation with its serene neutrals and sophisticated prints.

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Derived from beech trees, modal feels like a second skin. Modal is one of the favourite sustainable alternatives as it uses 10-20 times less water production than other fabric alternatives. Durable, luxurious and smooth like butter, modal is what you want to wrap yourself up in every night and day.

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Extremely high-quality and softer than silk, bamboo is sustainable and the perfect fabric for sleepwear. Naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, anti-fungal bamboo lets your body breathe and regulate temperature so you can sleep comfortably.

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Lightweight, loose fitting and deliciously comfortable, linen is a staple for any sleepwear or loungewear. Considered one of the cleanest fabrics available, linen becomes softer with each wash and wear. Perfect for warmer days and nights, linen is an investment worth making. When linen is blended with natural viscose, it transforms even more and becomes super soft and dreamy.

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