Our Story

Gingerlilly was born to be more than beautiful sleepwear. Our brand owns the need for comfort without compromising on style. 


A Piece of the Story

The vision and force behind Gingerlilly is Vanessa Sofia. Vanessa has been in the industry from an early age. Joining the family business, she picked up tips along the way with a hunger to learn. This may have had something to do with the influence of her mother, Grace Sofia (pictured). Grace ran a successful children's wear brand, Prodigee, with over 30 stores around Australia. Grace and Vanessa have a close relationship and work in harmony with one another. Actively involved in the design process, Grace supports and mentors Vanessa to discover new trends and designs. Both strongly believe that two minds are better than one and live by the golden rule that if either doesn't like a product, it's not worth sharing with their customers.

Over the years, Vanessa lived in Milan, where she gained a true understanding of luxury and design. She then moved on to be a part of the team at Prada for three years. Finally, she returned to Australia, where she took her knowledge to Country Road. However, it was her spark of inspiration that led her to create luxurious and sustainable sleepwear. Vanessa began designing. Gingerlilly was born in 2006 and has grown ever since. 

“Do what you love, and the rest will come. Make this the reason that you want to be successful because it’s a rollercoaster. You have to enjoy the ride. Having worked in a family fashion business and for global fashion houses, I learnt that there would be substantial and ongoing challenges along the way that coexist with the joys of seeing your designs come to life and the pride in knowing that you have a product that can make a difference to people’s lifestyle and how they feel about themselves.”

– Vanessa Sofia, Founder.


Our Range

Each season, Gingerlilly creates a capsule range under the guidance of Vanessa’s direction. Everything from the fabric to satin-piped trim is considered. Gingerlilly is constantly in search of the perfect balance between comfortable fabrics and seasonal trends.

At Gingerlilly, we strive to bring out the confidence in our customers. Our sleepwear and loungewear is the ultimate embodiment of comfort and luxury. Customers of Gingerlily are the reason we continue to evolve, designing and creating for them to feel confident no matter the time of day.

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Our Impact

We take our impact seriously. Ensuring our products are ethical and sustainable is something we pride ourselves on. At Gingerlily, we set incredibly high standards for ourselves, our partners and everyone in our supply chain. 

We only choose to work with suppliers who are committed to transparency. All manufacturers we work with operate under the highest international certifications for labour and sources. 

From this, those who work with us at Gingerlily’s manufacturer know their working rights and are protected. This is something we’ve seen in action on the factory floor since we began visiting in 2006. 

Since then, we’ve formed great bonds and relationships with our overseas partners. They are certified internationally for their recycled and organic standards via the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). With this organisation being close to our hearts, we’ve been able to source natural and renewable fibres. We love working with cotton, modal, viscose and bamboo. With our latest introduction, recycled polyester, these natural fabrics feel incredibly soft, provide comfort all night and day and give you nothing but luxury. 

Each year since our journey began, we’ve worked toward reducing our environmental load and making a real change. Our overall aim and goal is to be as sustainable as we can through manufacturing and as a part of the broader fashion industry. We’re committed to reducing the overall GHG emission and are now offering the option to give back 1% of sales to Klean, an organisation dedicated to creating long-lasting change.